• E-mail us at dung@gameasa.com - we'll investigate and help you further. It will be very helpful if you can send us some screenshots of your issue plus as many details as possible.

  • Please just send them directly to dung@gameasa.com! We would love to hear them!

  • All games in Gameasa are available for devices with Android (version 4.1 and up) and iOS (version 8.0 and up)

  • To change your connected Facebook account, you will have to go to your Facebook Settings first:
    Log in to Facebook -> Account Settings -> Apps -> The game what do you want to change -> Remove App. Afterwards, you can connect your game to a new Facebook Account.

  • No, it's completely free! However, you can spend money on extra items in the in-game shop if you want.

  • If you have purchase problems, please contact us directly as soon as possible: dung@gameasa.com
    If you require a refund, please do also send us a messenge in case there is a quicker and more appropriate way for us address your concerns: dung@gameasa.com

  • We will update the game every 1-2 weeks. We try to implement features as fast as we can to give you a better gaming experience!

  • Go to your App Store or Google Play and search for Name App. Press the update button and, if necessary, pull down the update screen to refresh it.

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