27 December, 2018

Become a BOSS of a huge robot factory in over the world? Oh, no problem. When you know what you're doing, it's a piece of cake. Just tap whenever you have free time.

 You build robot factory to generate coin, you upgrade them to make even more coin and open new floors to the highest floor as Roket Factory you're probably got it already...make even more coin! Upgrading costs a lot, so first thing you should do is to focus on unlocking all the floors.

 So, what are you waiting for? Download for FREE NOW, build own huge factory and become a famous tycoon.



• Live like a factory tycoon, manage work-hard robots where tapping will be your richest man! 

• Tap, click anymore when jogging, when working, even when eating,... whenever you have space time and wherever you want. This is one of popular idle clicker game.

• Use your working from tapping to upgrade various factory.

• Make more coin and grow up profit so you can spend your coin on what YOU want.

• Own modern towers make you are richer. Start up with Simple Tower, earn more money, then expand your empire with the more modern towers.

• Factory for more than 18 different towers: Beginning Tower, Simple tower, The Watcher, Solar Power Plant, Planetarium, Amethyst Tower, Golden Mansion, J Plus Tower, The Protector, Modern Royal Tower, Smart Building, Alchemist’s House, Dora Tower, Emerald Castle, Thunder God Building, Party Maker, Grand Lodge, and the highest modern like Alien Contact Station


• Just click and tap to upgrade your factory and keep the coin flowing!

• Hire managers make your effectively factory working. Auto collecting idle coin even when you are offline or sleeping.

• Become a very successful venture capitalist. More coin means having better and more stunning tower appearances!

• Let your luck come to play – receive special free gifts like daily box, spin, monthly happy wheel ...

• Produce anything in your factory: bicycles, motorbikes, car, housewares, mobiles, televisions, even you can make ships, planes and rockets.... Anything can help you make more coin and improve your factory.

Let's start your biggest dream, that own huge robot factory adventure and living the life you’ve always wanted. You just clicks and taps away from rising to rich and raking in that sweet cash inc!

Tips: The more modern tower, the more money. Let upgrading tower, get the huge coin that makes you become rich quicker. 

Work hard and easy earn money. Let fun time killer with Robot Inc.

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